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Leslie Saila has been teaching riders of all abilities for the past half century here at Glen Oro - basically since a time when there were more horses on the road than those new-fangled automobiles! Over that time she has learned from some of the best in the industry, through frequent clinics, coaching seminars, and the school of hard knocks to come up with a training regimen that can be customized to bring out the inner potential of an individual. The lessons also put a focus on an often neglected area of riding, which is horsemanship - developing that connection is a key foundation in horseback riding. All that we ask for is a willingness and desire to learn and you will progress.

The lesson structure is typically 1-on-1, maximizing your training sessions to get the most out of a private riding coach but is also negotiable if there are two people wishing to train together. Glen Oro also hosts clinics with guest instructors throughout the year, so follow us on social media to be aware of those opportunities.

For more information about taking lessons here, head over to the contact page and give us a shout!