Boarding Your Horse Here

We pride ourselves on the care and attention that goes into the happiness and well-being of each and every animal here at the farm.  To that point - we only offer indoor board combined with daily turnout and continual access to hay, water and a daily grain mix.  With a B. Sc. degree from the University of Guelph with a special focus on veterinarian studies, Leslie has been able to foresee problems early on and ensure that if she can't deal with the issue, that the problem is addressed immediately by a more specialized person.  We often joke that the horses have a better life here than the humans, but its a passion and life's pursuit to give horses an extraordinary life here - you should come check out the operation and see for yourself!


The Barn

Custom built and designed to optimize natural light, we are proud to offer a happy and comfortable home for your horse.  We have two large wash stalls to tack up in, a saddle and tack room, as well as lockers for your gear.  The barn is kept warm during the winter months and each stall has a huge window so that the horses can see what's going on around them and to optimize air flow during the summers months.


The Arena

Our indoor riding Arena optimizes natural light during the day and is outfitted with row upon row of lights for work during the evenings.  With easy access to jumping standards, poles, cavallettis, and sound system - this is an excellent place to work on the finer points of your riding.


Paddock Space

Herd dynamics is an often overlooked aspect to boarding your horse somewhere, but a detail that we pay close attention to so that your horse is happy and healthy.  Each paddock has fresh water and hay, and run-in shelters are bedded with straw and maintained to a very high standard.  With ample paddock space and careful turnout selection, Glen Oro Farm allows your horse to really stretch it's legs, even when you're not out for a ride.   This is the time where a horse is truly a horse, running and grazing freely!


Hacking and trail riding

Extensive trail networks have been developed throughout the pine and hardwood forest at Glen Oro Farm.  Our boarders can enjoy kilometres of trails on the property, or seamlessly link up with the trails abounding in the massive Simcoe County Forest directly adjoining our property.  Through towering groves of ancient trees onto hills with commanding vistas, the riding here is legendary.

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Training Amenities

Two sand rings to focus on dressage, a show jumping field dotted with massive old oak trees, and a cross-country course with jumps ranging from beginner to advanced level complexity.